How is referencing used to associate information?

The GJXDM provides three basic ways of associating two pieces of information: inclusion, referencing, and relationships. Referencing links one piece of information using a reference or “pointer” to another piece of information described elsewhere in the XML instance. The referencing facility exists natively in GJXDM. As every element included within each complex type is paired with a “reference” element that points to a structure at some other place in the instance. These reference elements are of GJXDM’s type “ReferenceType”, which basically just contains an attribute that references an element with a particular unique identifier attribute. Using referencing, an example that represents a person’s birth location would look like this:


<j:Location j:id=”location1”>




</ j:LocationStateCode.USPostalService>





 <j:PersonBirthLocationReference j:ref=”location1”/>