Where I can find the fix for UCR codes that are incorrectly labeled?

From: Global XML Structure Task Force (GXSTF)

To answer concerns that the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) code schema is incorrectly documented, the Global XML Structure Task Force (GXSTF) is publishing Patch-1 for all versions of the GJXDM (3.0.0, 3.0.2, 3.0.3). This corrects the UCR documentation elements for the UCR codes that are incorrectly labeled. It does NOT disturb type or element definitions. The README.txt file explains how to patch each release without having to move to a new version.

Patch-1 can be downloaded as: https://it.ojp.gov/default.aspx?area=nationalInitiatives&page=1013 

In addition to posting this patch to the GJXDM Listserv, it will be highlighted and downloadable from the GJXDM main index page (it.ojp.gov/jxdm) as well as each release index page. Patch-1 will be added to the archive file for each release (jxdm-*.zip). However, the user must apply Patch-1 to the archive, if desired.

Only GJXDM 3.0.3 will be patched in the Schema Subset Generation Tool (SSGT) (gjxdmtools.gtri.gatech.edu). Want lists that were previously generated by SSGT from the non-patched 3.0.3 release will be regenerated with the updated UCR schema (i.e. patch applied).

The change logs for the current and previous releases will not be updated. The next full release of GJXDM will correct the UCR code schema and post an entry to that effect in its change log.

The UCR schema errors are semantic in nature, and they are contained in xsd:documentation elements only (within ucr.xsd). They do not impact XML validation.

Therefore, as long as you are not using the documentation within the UCR code schema as an authoritative guide to the semantics of the UCR codes, your schemas, instances, and applications should be unaffected, regardless of whether you apply Patch-1 or not.