What is Alias and AKA?

Alias, AKA, is the Name Category metadata being considered for use by the Intel Community Metadata Working Group Person Data Exchange Standard. After several discussions in the XML Structure TAsk Force (XSTF) regarding Alias and AKA, the language in the following example is considered to differentiate the two:

NameCategory Name NameCategory Context Terrorist Watchlist Person of Interest Data Exchange Definition Denotes that the name is a provided name, an alias, an aka, or, for systems that do not support the different meanings of alias and aka, ''aliasoraka'' Reference Reference Authority Identifier Version Draft 12-10-03 Cardinality 1 Representation Representation Category Character representation (ISO/IEC 10646) Form of Representation Code Datatype xs:NMTOKEN Maximum Size 12 Minimum Size 3 Layout of Representation Permissible Values ProvidedName,Alias,AKA,AliasOrAka Usage Examples Comment ProvidedName is the name which is obtained from the source of the record and which is not known to be an alias or aka name.

Alias is an alternative name that is suspected to be in use for deceptive purposes. AKA is an alternative name associated with the individual but not for deceptive purposes (e.g. nickname, street name). Aliasor AKA is used when it is not possible to determine whether the alternative name is an alias or aka.