How do I submit a NIEM / GJXDM IEPD Metadata Information?

      Click on this link: and click on the word "My Stuff", and click on "Create a New Account" button to create a user account. 

  1.    1. Once the user account has been created, follow the steps below to submit the IEPD Metadata Information. 
      Click on this link:

2.          2.  On the left hand side, click on the word "download" to get the IEPD Form Template, and after that, please read the procedure on the page 2, and completely fill out the information on page 1.

3      3. Then, go back to the web page, on the right hand side, click on the "Submit IEPD Information" link.

4.         4.  At the "Title", provide the name of the IEPD, then give a brief description about your IEPD at the "Summary".

5.         5.  Click on the "Browse..." button to attach the IEPD Form Template that you just filled out. (REMEMBER: Please attach the page 1 only). After that, click on the "Continue…" button, then the system will send you a message to your email to confirm that it has been submitted.

NOTE: Clearinghouse will upload your article in 24-72 hours.

If you still cannot submit the information, please contact the NISS Help Desk to help you submit your IEPD Metadata Template at:

E-mail: (recommended)
Telephone: 1-877-333-5111 or 703-726-1919