What are some of the successes with NIEM? 

Donna Roy, executive director of the NIEM Program Management Office and director of the Enterprise Data Management Office with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, recently noted that "DHS has had a variety of successes with NIEM and at the same grand level that NDEx has been for the Department of Justice. Over 35 percent of the major IT Programs in DHS are working on implemented standardized information exchange using NIEM, with an expected increase to 60 percent by the end of 2009. Major drivers for adoption at DHS include requirements of all new IT programs and modifications to existing programs to use NIEM, based on the DHS-wide System Engineering Lifecycle. NIEM is working for DHS, and we will continue to both use NIEM and support the use of NIEM in federal, state, tribal, and local information sharing initiatives."

Please refer to the pdf attached for the full article.

Also, the Information Sharing Environment (ISE) has four success stories available that provide insight into how various elements of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), a key aspect of the Common Information Sharing Standards (CISS), can be applied in different user environments:

  1. NIEM and the HHS Meaningful Use “SPRINT”
  2. UCORE and NIEM: Creating Potent New Cross-Boundary Networks
  3. Suspicious Activity Reporting
  4. The DHS Domestic Nuclear Detection Office Goes NIEM

These success stories are available at http://www.ise.gov and are also attached to this article.