What are some NIEM Industry FAQs that are available?

The IJIS Institute Technical Advisory Committee (I-TAC) has two new documents available.  They are attached to this article and are entitled: 1) NIEM IEPD XML Code Generation in C# with .NET 3.5; and 2) NIEM IEPD XML Code Generation in Java.

NIEM IEPD XML Code Generation in Java:
This document seeks to address generation of Java classes based on the JAXB standard. Initially, it was meant to demonstrate the similarities and differences between Axis and XFire. Since both technologies use the JAXB-XJC tool as one of the ways to generate Java classes for their code generation tools, this paper will address the use of the JAXB-XJC tool.

NIEM IEPD XML Code Generation in C# with .NET 3.5:
Programmatically working with NIEM IEPDs in C# can be challenging due to the overall complexity of working with large XML schema models, and the limitations in Microsoft’s Xsd.exe code generation tool. This document seeks to provide answers to frequently asked practitioner questions that may come up when working with NIEM IEPDs in .NET, and hopefully decrease the effort required to achieve successful NIEM IEPD programming. These questions address using Xsd.exe code generation, and rely on XML object serialization. It is worth noting that there are other viable approaches to working with C#.NET and XML that are available such as LINQ to XML.