Are there new version of tools for NIEM 3.0? tools will be updated along with the launch of Version 3.0 to reflect architectural changes to the model.

Updated tools include:

· Schema Subset Generation Tool (SSGT): Enables users to search through the NIEM data model and build a NIEM subset.

· Conformance Testing Assistant (ConTesA): Assists developers by automatically identifying potential locations of non-conformance within IEPD artifact using the NIEM NDR 1.3 and IEPD specifications.

· Code List Generator: Provides the ability to build an XML Schema file for code sets from an Excel spreadsheet.

· NIEM-UML for v3.0: The UML Profile for NIEM (NIEM-UML) will be updated to align to 3.0. We will accommodate requests by current and prospective NIEM-UML tool vendors to incorporate NIEM 3.0 capabilities into their services.

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