How to resolve the error "The system could not read the wantlist" when uploading the wantlist that has been converted from NIEM 2.1 to 3.0?

For any submissions of wantlist's that do not load or receive an error message, please debug as follows:
1.  Ensure the wantlist is a well-formed XML file!!! (use an editor that will check that)
2.  Globally remove all cardinality constraints ‘minOccurs=”0” maxOccurs=”unbounded”’ and reload.
3.  If  wantlist still doesn't load:  then globally remove 0,1 cardinality constraints and reload.
4.  If wantlist still doesn't load:  then globally remove the rest of the cardinality constraints and reload.
5.  Do NOT reinsert cardinality constraints for the remaining steps.
6.  If wantlist still doesn't load:  then validate the wantlist against the correct NIEM wantlist schema.
7.  Check that the headers are correct.
8.  Ensure the namespaces for components in the wantlist are correct.
9.  If wantlist still doesn't load: start a logarithmic decomposition and test each piece until you zero in on the bad component(s).
     a.  Split the wantlist in half - 2 files, each with the original headers.
     b.  Load each; if one loads and the other does not, then split the wantlist that does not load, put the other aside as good.
     c.  If both lists do not load then there is an error in both.  Treat each list as another wantlist and split/load.
     d.  Continue this recursion until you identify the component lines that are incorrect, and remove or correct them.
10.  If this still fails, then send a copy of the wantlist to the NISS Helpdesk and tell us when and how it was created (SSGT? another tool?  If so, what tool?  manually?)