Is there an Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) for child support related filings?

The Georgia DHR Office of Child Support Enforcement has created an Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) for child support related filings. The schema extension is designed to transfer information into courts for Petitions and Support Order Contempt Cases. The design is currently in only the preliminary stage where the Administrative Office of the Courts in Georgia is trying to determine if the namespace conventions and the extension methods used are valid for meeting the IEPD guidelines published on the OJP website.

Schema Website:

Document Schema:

Extension Schema:

Constraint Schema:

Example Document (with all mandatory and optional fields):

Other IEPDs created that relate to child support filings include:

1. Delinquent Child Support Notification developed for the Texas Path to NIEM project.

2.  Child Support – Support Order and

3. Child Support - Request Remedy