How to get started with GJXDM?

The first step to getting started with GJXDM is learning about XML (Extensible Markup Language).The next major step is  familiarizing one self with all the tags in the data model that are expected to be used with the GJXDM standard.

 The tags are presented in an easy to navigate schema, in the format of an Excel Document.All the tags represented in the schema are easy to understand because their purpose is clearly and fully defined in their name. The Excel Document also provides information about what type of data is a tag, including inheritance links, and a brief description.

For Example  (using the tag name "Biometric ID") : The tag BiometricID clearly refers to "an identifier used to uniquely refer to a biometric." Therefore it is under the Biometric heading. Biometric is in the part of the file under the person tab, because Biometric clearly defines property of a person. The type of BiometricId is provided as inheritance of IDType. And a quick link to IDtype is provided to allow the user to know what sub-tags one should use within the BiometricID tag. An identifier used to uniquely refer to a biometric.