Event: 2012 National Institute of Justice Technology Institute for Law Enforcement

Event Date(s) April 29, 2012 to May 3, 2012
Location Annapolis, MD
Category Policy
Course Description

NIJ holds technology institutes for law enforcement officers to learn about and discuss technology initiatives and issues affecting the law enforcement community.

During the five day institute, attendees receive and exchange information about existing and developing technologies, problem-solving relating to technology implementation, and technology lessons learned. Attendees will also participate in a field event at the Bay Bridge Airport where they will have the opportunity to learn in a hands-on environment about the NIJ Aviation program and other exciting law enforcement technologies. The National Law Enforcement Institute focuses on the needs of agencies with 50 or more sworn officers.

The goals of the Institute are to provide:

  • Participants the opportunity for to learn about new and emerging technologies applicable to law enforcement.
  • Participants the opportunity to meet and interact with other law enforcement professionals facing the similar technology challenges.
  • NIJ the opportunity to improve and build on its technology development programs based on participant experience and comments.
Event Cost $0.00
Event Contact Bruce Blair
Phone: 301-519-5758
E-mail: bblair@justnet.org
Event Web Site http://www.nij.gov/training/law-enforcement-institute.htm
Registration Web Site http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8K3LYT5